Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wedding in Utah!

Well here we are!! I must admit I really didn't want a blog, but I love reading other peoples and Nick kept asking me when we are going to start one so I decided why not!

We got to go to Utah this weekend with my family for my cousins wedding. We all cramed into the car and drove up late Friday night. We went to the Salt Lake temple Saturday morning.
My cute mom and dad!
It was mine and Nicks first time getting to see a marriage in the temple besides our own. It was amazing especially since it was my grandpa that married them!
We took that picture just for Brittany and Josh since they didnt get to be there with us :(
We got to go the the Myan in between the wedding and reception (mine and Nicks favorite restaurant)
We stayed at my grandma Davis cute new house!
Stick Wars on the itouch is pretty much what Nick and Landon did the whole time on both car rides, after the wedding, after lunch, after the reception, and before bed. I think its safe to say they are a little addicted.

Over all it was an amazing weekend, its always nice to see all the family. Even though we get a little out of control, I love my family and always have so much fun with them.