Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bright Sun-Shiny Florida

Nick and I were lucky enough to go to Florida for our 1 year anniversary. We had the best time, luckily this time we didn't miss our flight and our luggage wasn't lost. Our first full day in Florida we headed off to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure with our park hoppers.
 and that is where we got this little beaut, we could not stop laughing about the picture.
The second day we went to Busch Gardens in Tampa bay. It started a little rocky, the first ride we went on Nick realized he lost his phone so we went back and asked if they had it, the guy asked him to identify what was on the screen on his phone, unfortunately it was the picture above haha. so we had to put his phone and my camera in our backpack outside the theme park, so we didn't get many pictures. They almost didn't let us back in because we didn't get a hand stamp when we left, but luckily they let us in. The best ride in the theme park was closed for the day so we were pretty sad about that but we still had lots of fun.

On the third day we went to Universal and Islands of adventure again.
On the fourth day we decided we wanted to take it easy and have a more relaxing day, so we decided to go to Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum. They had the most interesting things there like, Beyonce made out of candy, The tallest man, the biggest and smallest chair, the biggest shirt, the fattest man, man with the biggest nose (poor thing), Mona Lisa made out of toast, a man who could sit in a oven with raw meat and sit in there while it cooked without burning, and many more random things.
 On day five which was our actual anniversary, we went to Typhoon Lagoon. The funnest day we had while we were there, I don't know if its because it was our anniversary or what. When we got there they gave up two pins each, one said Happy Anniversary, and the other one said happily ever after. We bought a water proof camera and had way to much fun with it.
 I have to say this was a huge deal for me, at the water park they have a snorkel section with sharks, stingray, and fish, when I came here with my family I would not do it so I was pretty proud of myself.
 On our last full day we went to Universal and Islands of Adventure again!
 The Harry Potter section was so awesome! The pictures don't do it justice, it just seemed so magical. It was always crazy busy in that section so we didn't get to spend as much time there as I would have liked.

We bought three days at the parks so we got a fourth day free, so the day we had to fly out we decided to pack in as much as we could and go to universal and Islands of Adventure again since our flight didn't leave until six that evening.

 We probably went on all those rides at least 5 times each all the time we spent there, and how short the lines were. After we left we headed straight for the airport and had to come back to cold weather. We had such a great time I am so glad we decided to go!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

One Wonderful Year!

Nick and I have been married for one whole year YEY!! it feels like we have been married a lot longer just because we have known each other for so long!! but man has it been an amazing year!! Nick and I were lucky enough to go to Florida for our one year anniversary. (that blog post coming soon) When we got home we decided we better break into the top of our wedding cake.
 After 1 year in the freezer not to shabby

We of course had to feed it to each other. I don't know why I fed it to him nicely, I know him better, I got him better on our wedding.


You cant tell very good in the picture but Nick shoved my face in the cake!! I tried to get him back but he is to strong for me! I love Nick so very much and I am still as happy as I was the day I married him I cant wait for many many years to come!