Tuesday, April 20, 2010


For my dads and Brylee's birthday, the boys went to Clash of the Titans, and the girls of course had to go to a chick flick, Last Song.
   For sure a tear jerker. I would highly recommend watching it, and reading it!
 April is full of birthdays in my family, the first is my niece Camdyn, the seventh is my dad and brylee's, and the 19th is mine and my nephew Teegan's birthday (best birthday present ever)
My birthday was not the greatest birthday ever, Me and Nick decided it would be a good idea for him to go to Alaska one last time this summer for the money, We have been waiting for the call since January, and they kept postponing it. Nick gets a call a couple days before my birthday saying your leaving the 19th. After all the months of waiting of course he has to leave that day! We are both very grateful that he got to stay that long though. We decided to celebrate my birthday the day before so Nick could be there. My parents got my a plane ticket to go to California with them in May, so that will be fun and I cant wait! Brianne got me a super cute pair of shoes, Brylee and Landon got me some cute shirts and iTunes card (or should I say my mom) and Nick got me a laptop which was amazing and we have been skyping pretty much since he left. Now that I have it I don't know if I could make it without it!
 It is going to be a very long couple months without him! If I think about it to much I want to cry, so I am hoping it will just fly by!