Thursday, December 9, 2010

Birthday Boy!

It was Nick's 23rd Birthday on Tuesday, He is getting so old! :) I asked him what he wanted for his Birthday 
 breakfast and he said steak, eggs, and hash browns, so we decided it would be best if we just went  to Ihop. That night we went to my parents house for his birthday party. I ran to Albertson's to get some Birthday decoration. Bad idea!
 I asked someone to blow me up six balloons, I swear it took him about an hour to blow them up, when he came out he only had five but I didn't even care at that point I just wanted to get back to Nick, then I noticed the two red ones were deflated as you can tell by the picture above, I asked him if they were going to float eventually and he tells me, if they don't you can just tape them to the wall....umm hello if I wanted to tape them to the wall I wouldn't buy helium balloons!! I could tell he was a little slow so I just bought my balloons, party hats, and happy birthday sign. I was pretty annoyed when I got to my parents, I hung up the sign and then later noticed its missing the Y on birthday as you can also see above, so pretty much I will never buy birthday supply from Albersons again. Then the party started.
My family gave his a movie date night for two and a year x-box live which he has been wanting for months, so he was pretty excited. My favorite gift was from "Landon" or more so the wrapping of it.
Nick unwrapped the first present and found a pad box, inside that he unwrapped a cake box with a 50 cents off of cinnamon rolls (how nice of him), inside the cake box he unwrapped a costume sewing pattern, and then finally inside that he unwrapped the actual gift which was call of duty black ops, he had been wanting that so he was very happy.
I got Nick a tool storage chest, he was is desperate need, he had some of his tools stored in a diaper box I don't know where he even got that. He also picked out some clothes for his birthday.
  Haha what a good sport, I wanted to see what is would look like. We had a lot of fun, I didn't want his birthday to end I just love birthdays but we are celebrating his moms and his birthday this weekend.