Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2 Year Anniversary Weekend!!

The Saturday before our Anniversary, we were lucky enough to be able to go to Lagoon with my family. We all went down on Friday and went to Nicks favorite restaurant, The Mayan. Unfortunately they decided to put us right in front of a giant tree, so we couldn't really see the show to well.
We decided to all stay in the same hotel room, it was a little more squishy than expected, but it made it more fun.
Me and Nick were on the pull out bed, Brianne was on the couch next to me, Imari was right in front of the door by our feet, Landon was between the TV and the bed, and poor Brylee was on the kitchen tables bench. One big sleepover.
The Next day we woke up bright and early to go to FRIGHTMARES!! who ever has not been to Lagoons Frightmares is missing out it is a lot of fun! They have four different haunted houses in the park, and at night they have different Halloween shows.

We went on a Saturday, which is normally packed, especially during frightmares! but it was a cold day so there were no lines, luckily my mom brought gloves for everyone, or else I don't think we would have made it.
 The cast from one of the shows.

 We all left the hotel Sunday morning and headed for home. Mine and Nick's 2nd anniversary was on that Monday. For our Honeymoon we went to Hawaii, and our 1 Year we went to Florida, so this year we decided to go to Egypy!!
Ok maybe we just stayed in the Egypt room, good enough. Our anniversary was a lot more low key this year. Nick had to work so we went to the Olive Garden, and stayed at Destinations Inn.
I love this guy so much! I cannot believe we have been married for two years!! I cant wait for many many years to come! He is my Best Friend!
                            I am real glad our wedding day wasn't this crappy of weather. brrr....

I cant leave out my baby Toby! luckily Nicks mom baby sat him for us,so he was in good hands. yes I said baby sat, he sure acts like one, he will not be held any other way, he likes to rest his head on your shoulder.