Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our not so happy Fourth of July!

Ok I know all I blog about it Toby, but he is our full entertainment!! Our fourth of July was an interesting one.... It all started when I woke up, Toby was pushing his bowl around so I went to go fill it thinking it was empty, nope just ants everywhere!! not just ants but red ants! I went to the kitchen ants all over the counter!! I look at Toby ants all over his beard!! and to top it off Nick was not home and it was my first day of work, so I had no time to deal with the ants, so all I could do is kill them with febreze (no bug killer in the house) and call Nick and tell him to deal with it when he got home. After about 10 ant traps, and a can of raid we got that taken care of. Later that night we were headed to my parents for dinner and some fire works. Nick wanted to stop at his brothers to see some fire works, so we stopped there we were not there for more than 10 minutes when Toby jumps out of my arms and books it!! he obviously didnt like the fireworks, he is running past cars, cars are swerving, neighbor hood kids are running after him, me and Nick were trying to catch him he runs into a big open field, with tall weeds and some ditches. needless to say I was beside myself! so I go driving around, Nick and his brother are driving around my parents and brother come and are driving around. we were looking for hours!! it was just about dark, Nick and I decided to head toward his brothers house. we see a dog running Nick said thats him I said no that dog it so dark to be him.... as we get closer it was him. after blocking him in we finally caught him!
 This is what he looked like, you cant tell in the pictures, but he was covered in burs, sticks, and who knows what, and definitely went for a swim!! we spent the rest of the night trying to get them out, and giving him baths. The next day I took him to the groomers to see if they could get out the rest of the burs, she said she would have to shave his stomach because she could not get them out, so I made on appointment for Friday to get the rest of his hair cut. when I went back to pick him up I could not believe my eyes not only did she shave his stomach but she shaved his two front legs, and the rest of him was long!!
These pictures dont even do justice of how funny it looked!!! my dad said it looked like he was wearing shorts with chicken legs!! but at least we got him white again. 
I made sure to get this in case something like this ever happened again!!
and this is what he looked like after! little naked but alive!!

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