Thursday, May 27, 2010

Adventures of California

I got to go to California with my family for five days of fun (thank you mom and dad). My mom was already in California for work, so my dad, Landon, Brylee, and me flew in a few days after her.When we got to California we went bowling at an awesome bowling alley! 

My dad was first up, so while the rest of us were still getting ready, and putting on our shoes, my dad decided to go. We look over and he is laying down in the middle of the lane, he obviously was not paying attention and went to far down the lane and fell.
Landon's first kiss.
The second day we were there we went to the ocean and shopping. The ocean was so cold not just the water but the air, I felt like I was back in Idaho.
It was so cold we decided to just go to the hotel pool.
After swimming we went to downtown Disney to shop and eat dinner.
Day 3 We went to DISNEY LAND! the happiest place on earth. 
My dad in that peter pan hat makes me laugh!
Landon reenacting his run in with that exact bush earlier that day.
Day four we went to California Adventure. It was my first time lots of fun!
Since Nick couldn't be there with me, I of course had to get a picture by the N to! The best ride there was the Hollywood tower of terror, so unexpected. 
We went back to Disney Land since it closed later than California Adventure. We didn't have much time so we decided to go on the Indiana Jones ride one last time. It was a 45 minute wait but we decided to just stick it out. After already being in line for at least 45 minutes because of the stupid fast passers (except when its us) the ride broke down. We had to wait about another 20 minutes before it started up again. We get on the ride, and get closer to the end and all of a sudden our car stops. It was kinda scary we were at the part with skeletons coming at you with sticks, and the hydraulics kept going for a bit going side to side back and forth.  Slowly but surely my claustrophobia started to set in, the seat belt was so tight and they would not let us take them off. we had to wait on the car for about a half an hour. Finally they came with a latter to climb off the jeeps. They got the people off at the jeeps at the beginning of the ride and worked there way back. They made us stand in a single filed line. It was actually pretty cool and got to take pictures. Here are some of the pictures.
We had to fly back to Utah the next day. My dad was trying to return our rental car, but could not find it. He was making a u turn and was not paying attention and not even joking was inches away from a telephone pole, He hit that curb pretty hard though. After that he missed the turn again went to make another u turn and hit that curb, but that time he popped the tire. My dad was jacking up the car to put on the spare and the jack bent. A homeless guy came over and helped, he was the sweetest man ever. We finally get the car to the rental and obviously missed our flight. we had to be on standby all day. We went from California skipped over Utah to Colorado and went back to Utah, long day of flying. We get our bags and of course one of them had to be missing, we had to take care of that. Just as we think we are home free we get to the car and the battery is dead.
We had to wave a car down, push the car out of the space. and jump start it. It was one crazy day, we made it home a lot later than planned.
The vacation was so much fun, I had so much fun with my family and I am so glad my parents let me go! even though Nick couldn't be there.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One Year

One Year from today Nick proposed to me! 
I knew we were wanting to get married in October but I didn't think he was going to purpose until July when he got to come home for a couple of weeks from Alaska. He called me that morning and said there was supposed to be an amazing sunset so he wanted to go somewhere, which I thought watch a sunset Nick are you feeling ok? so he came and got and said lets go get some cold stone, and whoever knows me I could eat that any day of the week (birthday cake remix without the fudge extra sprinkles in a waffle cone, not bowl) Nick said "he forgot is wallet in the car and asked if I would run and get it" I didnt think anything of it so I went and got it. When I got back inside Nick and the guy making the ice cream were acting very weird, and Nick could not stop laughing, I asked him what was so funny, Nick told me he just knew him from sports, which I thought was weird because he was a bit on the heavy side and looked a lot younger than us, still didn't think anything of  it. Nick wanted to go to the temple, so on the car ride there Nick had me hold his ice cream so I wouldn't eat mine. Right as we got out of the car I got a big piece of something in my mouth, I thought it was an ice cube so I almost spit it out, but then I realized it was some kind of plastic, I was worried what in the heck did cold stone leave in their ice cream. Nick realized what was going on when I took it out of my mouth and was trying to figure out what it was. He took it out of my hand, grabbed my hand and pulled me to the temple, thats when I realized what it was. Poor Nick was expecting to have more time, I guess he forgets just how fast I eat my ice cream. He got down on his knee said something which I don't remember because I was in shock! I just pulled him up hugged and kissed, he must have not understood what the answer was because  he said is that a yes? 
We then went to my house and my mom posed us for some pictures, we were laughing pretty dang hard my mom made us do some pretty funny poses I will spare you the awkward ones.
What an amazing, unexpected and exciting day!